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Biliranon, a Philippine Representative to the Harvard Project for Asian & Int’l Relations
Written by Administrator   

Joedel O. Penaranda
Joedel O. Penaranda, a native Biliranon from Brgy. Langgao, Cabucgayan was chosen as a Philippine representative and one of the 300 accepted applicants around the world to the 2017 Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) Harvard this February at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

HPAIR is an internationally-recognized student-run organization at Harvard College, offering a forum of exchange to facilitate discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Past speakers at the conferences include former President of the Republic of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kim Dae-Jung, Governor General of Australia Peter Hollingworth, Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, President of Singapore S.R. Nathan, former United States Ambassador to Japan John Thomas Schieffer, and former President of Goldman Sachs Philip Murphy.

“I am deeply blessed that I was chosen to co-represent my country to the said conference. The word ‘Harvard’ was just a feast of topic whenever we joke around of where to go or study but now, I am going there. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Penaranda expressed.

Over the years, HPAIR’s international conferences have emerged as one of Harvard College’s largest student-run annual events in the Asia-Pacific region, welcoming a wide variety of distinguished speakers and future leaders. HPAIR believes that finding common ground in Asian-Pacific issues is a dynamic and innovative process, which integrates ideas and actions from across Asia, and indeed, the whole world.

NSU-Main welcomes 22 Accreditors
Written by Audrey Mae Escala   

Naval State University-Main Campus welcomed 22 accreditors with an opening program to officially commence the 2016 Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AANSU WelcomeCCUP)
Accreditation Survey Visit held last July 4 at the NSU Gymnasium. University key officials, spearheaded by Dr. Matias A. Bentor, Jr., OIC University President, along with his three Vice Presidents, faculty and staff, students, and the accrediting team graced the said ceremony. Led by their over-all coordinator, Dr. Hedeliza A. Pineda of Cebu Technological University, the accreditors will visit and evaluate the different programs submitted by the school for accreditation. “It is our utmost duty to uphold our standards,”

Written by Joy Castillo   

AACCUP night

Melange of songs and dances was rendered by the Naval State University to show their warm welcome to the AACCUP accreditors during the welcome night at the NSU Gymnasium, July 4, 2016.

“We welcome our accreditors through the songs and dances of our dear students,” Dr. Victor Cañezo, Dean of the College of Education stressed during his welcome message. Cultural Groups – NSU Dance Society and NSU Chorale headed by Mr. Ryan Teofel Arpon played various singing and dance performances to the accreditors and participants while and after taking the dinner. “After our whole day tiresome yet challenging encounters between the accreditors and the NSU

counterparts, of course each one deserves this entertaining break,” Dr. Cañezo added. Moreover, the said event was attended by the NSU faculty and staff, deans as well as students of the university spearheaded by the University OIC President, Dr. Matias Bentor. “Let us take this evening as our time to pause, relax and refresh our senses, let’s dance and have fun. Again welcome and Mabuhay!,” ended Dr. Canezo’s message.

AACCUP visits CIICT-BSIT for Level III
Written by Jonicio Dacuya   


Accrediting Agency of Charted Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), visited College of Industrial Information and Communication Technology (CIICT), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology on July 4-6 at Naval, State University Main Campus. “This Level 3 Accreditation of BSIT is genuinely a toilsome task to make, but it is not bad, hope for the best to achieve success”, Dr. Norma Duallo, Dean of the CIICT and Chairperson stated in an interview.

The taskforce of the department on accreditation involves the following; Mission and vision- Dr. Julie E. Lopez, Ed.D. , Faculty- Ms. Annel Ruth D. Celis, MPM , Curriculum and Instructor- Ms. Chona B. Sabinay, MIT , Support for student- Mr. Reynold G. Bustillo, MIT , Research Center- Dr. Elvera S. Pecajas, Ed.D., Extension and communication involvement- Mrs. Marian Dagaylo-an, MAT, Library- Dr. Concepcion Gayrama, Laboratories, Dr. Analiza B. Calles, Ed.D., and Administration- Mrs. Mylene R. Lopez and Mr. Vic-Marie Bornillo, MED. According to Dr. Duallo, their teamwork was at the full stake guided by the guard of their capabilities and camaraderie she also quoted about the desire of succeeding for the best. “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepare for the worst, that of the desire for success must be greater than the fear of failure, no matter what it takes , Divine Intervention matters most” Dr. Norma Duallo stressed out.