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1st Joint Solidarity Meeting reels-off;

Dr. Cañezo launches NSU is YOU

Joint Staff Meeting“We need to have a plan for the university. This is not for me but for the university. NSU is YOU represents our concepts, innovations, plans and programs,” the OIC president emphasized.

NSU is YOU,is a branding strategy of the new president for his termwhich stands for Naval State University is Yes to, Open to and United to.

“NSU is YOU also embodies the unity and oneness of the stakeholders of the university- students, faculty and staff and the community as a whole,” Dr. Canezo explained.

He cited major programs for the university such as Quality Assurance that includes application for Horizontal Typology, Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA), Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC), and Center of Development and Center of Excellence; establishment of quality control and assessment group that would assess/ grade all endeavors (in & out) of the institution, fortification of the vital C’s (Curriculum, Courts, Community, Cultural & Church) of NSU.

“We will also activatethe Media & Information Office, usher eco-friendly university campaigns for stronger tourism industry of the province, modernized school facilities, production of innovative and technology-based Instructional Materials, espousing Sustainable Community Extension Services and Faculty & Administrative Development Plan,” he mentioned.

He further laid down pro-student programs and policies as one of the focus for his term which includes the implementation of 4-day classes policy, empowering students through organizations/clubs ,fast-lane service for students, free Wi-Fi for all and free board exam reviews.

“NSU is also open to decentralization, which means that decisions should be made through bottom-up approach where students, faculty and staff are well-involved and part in the decision making,” he said.

The president also shared his plans for innovations, greater accessibility among students and staff through the eNSU (electronic NSU); strengtheningstudent & faculty mobility through exchange programs; international scholarships, etc., application of Blended Learning especially the Graduate School, sustainable innovations & developments,research technology innovation through industry partnership, patenting inventions, Student Summit, Solidarity Meetings/Convergence of Key Officials andunification of the alumni.

“For this school year, we are also aiming to regain our BS Program of Maritime Education (BSMarE). And also as an innovation,we have to adapt globalization and ASEAN Integration in our system through membership in the ASEAN University Network,” he stated.

NSU hails new OIC-University President
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altDr. Victor Catigbe Cañezo Jr., is now the new OIC- University President of Naval State University.

Unanimously appointed by the members of the NSU- Board of Regents, Dr. Canezo will now be leading the 6-year old university towards victorious education as the new OIC-University President following the stint of OIC-President, Dr. Matias A. Bentor, Jr.

“Vic”.,37-year old native of Masagongsong, Kawayan, Biliran and the son of the late Victor Arevalo Canezo, II of Higatangan, Naval, Biliran and Lolita Catigbe Canezo of Masagongsong, Kawayan, Biliran, served as the former Acting University and Board Secretary for one (1) year and six (6) months and the Dean of the NSU- College of Education for four fruitful years.

For the record, Dr. Canezo is the youngest appointed OIC president in the history of the institution and probably the youngest among the presidents of Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines. The new president’s term just commenced last June 1.


The genesis of Dr. Canezo’s academic experience started at Masagongsong Elementary School and eventually at Kawayan National High School where he was a consistent honor student. He finished his undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and Literature at Leyte Normal University and received his Master’s degree at Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City as a full scholar of the Institute for the Development of Educational Administrator (IDEA) and received his Doctor of Education at Naval State University-Main Campus.

His outstanding performances as a classroom teacher, coach, trainer, and school publication and student council adviser steered him to various managerial positions such as the Head of the Academic and Student Affairs of the Cathedral School of La Naval; the Human Resource Officer, Member Development Officer and as a Board Recorder of the Board of Directors of the Biliran Electric Cooperative (BILECO).

Biliranon, a Philippine Representative to the Harvard Project for Asian & Int’l Relations
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Joedel O. Penaranda
Joedel O. Penaranda, a native Biliranon from Brgy. Langgao, Cabucgayan was chosen as a Philippine representative and one of the 300 accepted applicants around the world to the 2017 Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) Harvard this February at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

HPAIR is an internationally-recognized student-run organization at Harvard College, offering a forum of exchange to facilitate discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Past speakers at the conferences include former President of the Republic of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kim Dae-Jung, Governor General of Australia Peter Hollingworth, Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, President of Singapore S.R. Nathan, former United States Ambassador to Japan John Thomas Schieffer, and former President of Goldman Sachs Philip Murphy.

“I am deeply blessed that I was chosen to co-represent my country to the said conference. The word ‘Harvard’ was just a feast of topic whenever we joke around of where to go or study but now, I am going there. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Penaranda expressed.

Over the years, HPAIR’s international conferences have emerged as one of Harvard College’s largest student-run annual events in the Asia-Pacific region, welcoming a wide variety of distinguished speakers and future leaders. HPAIR believes that finding common ground in Asian-Pacific issues is a dynamic and innovative process, which integrates ideas and actions from across Asia, and indeed, the whole world.