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University Hymn PDF Print E-mail

Mabuhi Ka, NSU!
Lyrics and Music by Jaime B. Cagabhion, Ph. D.

Mabuhi Ka, NSU, Alma Mater, dear!
Hail, Biliran's pride, a home so near!
We hold your name, oh, close to our hearts,
And we hoist high your banner
To show we're now smart -
'Cause we know the truth, learn your virtue,
And live your spirit, Oh NSU!

From place to place we've followed trails
In search of life and values true;
And God whose guidance never fails
Has made you our home, Oh, NSU.
In faith and love you've taken us in
To learn the arts and technical skills -
What values be, what mores to keep
We've imbibed them all through great ordeals.

Nobility in gold and blue you shine, Alma Mater, dear
Solidarity, well fashioned by Unity
Bonded by love and service without fear
Now we are one family, to God we pray -
That on You be His blessings, pow'r to your fam'ly
And fame to your name: